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Building the home of your dreams is a milestone. However, your investment is still at risk of potentially huge problems. Whether you are in the middle of your construction project, just finished it, or it’s been 11 months already – we’ve got you covered. Confirm your new property complies with local building codes and ensure the construction has no flaws by partnering with our construction inspection team. Performing a three-phase inspection during the building process allows you to address defects immediately without compromising your home’s structural integrity later on.

Our work is backed by 50 years of combined experience, so you can rest assured that no defect will be left behind. Our keen attention to detail can uncover even the tiniest of defects. This way, you can get all these issues fixed without spending a dime while your builder is still liable for them.

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Structural Inspection

This is conducted prior to the concrete being poured to ensure your foundation and plumbing system are installed properly.

Framing Inspection

Before installing your interior walls, windows, and insulation, we ensure your home won’t be exposed to high moisture levels or leakages.

Final Inspection

After the construction is complete, we double-check every component. Our team focuses on operational and safety features during this phase.

Prevent Future Issues Today!

Performing a house inspection ahead of time allows you to avoid potential problems down the road. This way, the builder can get to the root cause of any uncovered issue and fix it immediately. To find hidden defects, we assess every inch of your home and use a drone for hard-to-reach areas while also giving us a more complete overview of your property’s progress.

Truly Know Your New Home

Within 24 hours of each inspection, you’ll be sent a transparent report that covers our findings and suggestions for repairs, giving you a comprehensive understanding of your new home from top to bottom!

Ensure the Home of Your Dreams

Get Peace of Mind for Your Construction Project

New home inspections are an excellent way to protect your investment and family. Our experts follow a step-by-step process that ensures every structural and mechanical component of your new home works correctly. Get the updated facts during the construction process and rest easy knowing that repairs will be made right on time by working with a TREC licensed inspector from our Armstrong Barnes Construction Inspection team!

San Antonio Phase Inspections

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