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Orange Par Home Inspectors Florida
Orange Par Home Inspectors Florida

Get Specialized Information With One Call

Providing and Coordinating Multiple Additional Services

Need a full overview of your property? Think you might have a termite problem? Want to know how to keep your home in great condition? Whatever your inspection needs, the Armstrong Barnes Home Inspection team is here to help our customers in and near San Antonio to get the information you need. We can arrange specialized inspections as a stand-alone service, or include them during your home inspection for even more comprehensive details.

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General Home Repair Inspections

Our detailed assessments give you a clear picture of any issues in your home, so you can take action early.

Drone Assisted Roof and Property Inspections

We use a drone to assess hard-to-reach areas to have a full view of your property.

Coordination of WDI, Septic, and Well Inspections

We arrange specialized inspection services so that you get all the information you need with one call.


We are fully trained and Licensed by the Texas Real Estate Commission.


We have over five decades of combined experience inspecting in the area.


We communicate clearly with our clients and answer any questions they may have.


We provide a detailed report within 24 hours, to help you understand our findings.

Detailed Information at Your Fingertips

Once we have completed your inspection service, we compile all of our findings into a report that clearly explains every detail. We deliver this report within 24 hours so that you can take action quickly based on this powerful information.

Empowering Our Neighbours

Get the information you need by booking your service now.

We strive to provide powerful and accurate information to homeowners, buyers, and sellers in and around San Antonio. We achieve this by putting our training and decades of experience to work and by helping you access even highly specialized services. Contact us today to learn all there is to know about your property.

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